Minimalism: Purging & Organizing

Purge & Declutter
Minimalism: Purging & Organizing

Have you ever walked into your home after a long day, hoping to find reprieve, but instead find yourself overwhelmed by your material things? You’re not alone. 

With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to talk about something that few people discuss: the anxiety of receiving gifts. Yes, the anxiety of receiving gifts. Truthfully, there can be a lot of guilt wrapped up into the idea of gift giving and receiving, especially if you’re someone who is easily overwhelmed with clutter. That’s sad, isn’t it? Thankfully, there are steps you can take this holiday season to help combat your own personal anxiety about getting more STUFF and in turn learn how to give and receive meaningful gifts with those you love.  

We are going to provide you with some practical ideas on how to declutter and organize your home ahead of the holiday season AND two downloadable guides to help you achieve happiness with your things. 

  1. A guide to determining what of your material things makes you happy 
  2. An approachable, Minimalwish List guide 

Let’s Start with Purging & Organizing 

So, you've already learned what Minimalism what? 

Make a plan: Now is as good a time as any to sit down and really map out what happiness looks like to you. Using this template go through your home, room by room and really sit with your things. Do these books bring you happiness? Does this dress that doesn’t fit anymore make you smile? Take the time to really think about it, and using the worksheet, divide your things up into 3 piles; Purge, Donate & Organize.



Tip: Don’t attempt to tackle your entire living space in one day. Schedule an hour or two every week and go SLOWLY. Make it fun. Pour a glass of wine (or whatever), put on some music you love and make it a form of therapy. This will help you enjoy the process and prevent burnout with the project. 



Execute the plan: Now that you’ve gone through all of your things, it’s time for the fun part – ORGANIZING. 

Get some organizing tools: You’ve just spent a good chunk of time purging your home so what you don’t want to do is go out and buy a ton of new stuff, but, there are several functional pieces that you can add to your home to really make your space shine. 

1. Bookshelf upgrade: Bookshelves tend to collect a lot of stuff. Books, papers, photos, trinkets. You start with a well-organized shelf and soon the place is looking like a hot mess. Try finding a new shelf that is both stylish and functional but not conducive to collecting sh*t. 

Wellton Bookshelf


This Wellton Bookshelf from Versanora is the perfect combo of stylish, functional and minimalistic.  The clean lines offer a modern upgrade on a bookshelf and, the slanted shelves are not only visually appealing but virtually impossible to stack loads and loads of unwanted stuff on. 

2. Storage bins: This is where people tend to go overboard so you REALLY need to think this step through. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy: 

  • What types of bins do I need, Functional or Decorative?
  • How big is the space where I am putting these pins?
  • Are they actually usable and do they fit into my home and lifestyle?

Once you have answered these questions you can start to shop. Here are a few different types of bins we love. 

Stacking bins
We love this sleep charcoal color, and the lids make these bins stackable! 



Basket Bins
Basket bins are great for places where they will be seen a lot. Entry ways, playrooms, living rooms etc. are a great place to have. Tip: Make sure you properly measure your shelves so that you buy the right height! 


3. Multi-purpose furniture: Finding pieces that double as both furniture and storage is a great way to not only organize your home, but also cut down on the number of pieces in your home. 

Bench Bins
This storage bench is perfect for a mud room or bedroom. It can easily store shoes, socks, or winter hats & mittens without people having to see them. Buying a multi-purpose bench means you don’t have to worry about buying two different items and having the bins not fit. 



Bar Cabinet
This bar cabinet doubles as both a bar (or other storage) and a side table. The sleek design adds simple lines to your home and stores things that would otherwise be cluttering! 


Now that we’ve given you some tips on organizing your home, we want to give you some ideas on how to navigate the holiday season so you don’t complete undo all of your hard work.