Influencer Spotlight: Leanne from Elle Apparel

home office makeover
Influencer Spotlight: Leanne from Elle Apparel

New years always give us a chance to start over. This year, why not focus on making your home more inspiring? Take a look at how Leanne from Elle Apparel completely revamped her home office with just a few pieces and some organization. Take a look à


home office makeover



Since we moved into our home, I’ve put my focus on getting the main living areas in our home decorated. Slowly but surely things are starting to come together, but the one room that I have had to brush aside for the time being is my office. Over time my poor office has been the room that we store things in that we aren’t using and it has become one of the least inspiring rooms in the house.

Now I know I can’t snap my fingers and have everything decorated all at once. I want to take my time and select pieces that I absolutely love. I also know how much the space I am working in affects my mental state and my creativity. It’s finally time to start pulling my office together and one of the top items on my Christmas wish list is a shelf where I can display some of my favorite things that will keep me inspired as I work. When I learned that Versanora’s Christmas campaign is #GoGiftYourself and that they are encouraging people like me to not wait for Santa to come through on delivering our wishlist items and to instead just go for it, I jumped at the chance!


I found this gorgeous chic shelf at Versanora and I’m thrilled at how much it has already elevated my office space. The Marmo Display Shelf is beautiful to look at, but is also incredibly functional. I finally have a place to display my fashion and clothing design books I’ve collected over the years, and I get to keep some of my favorite heels font and center rather than packed away in boxes at the back of my closet. I love that the faux marble actually looks like real marble in person!

It’s really amazing how the setting of the space I’m working in sets the tone for how I work. I love that I can change out these shelves with different flower arrangements or pictures throughout the year to keep it looking fresh and keep my creativity wheels going.

home office

I wanted to include a pretty light fixture in my office as well. Also, I really like having a ceiling fan, so I wanted a floor lamp that could be a really great focal point. The Gold Arquer Versanora Floor Lamp I picked for the room provides plenty of light and almost acts as a piece of jewelry for the room, it’s so beautiful! I’ve read reviews on a lot of other floor lamps that made me a little hesitant about how sturdy this kind of lamp could be, but the quality of this particular lamp surpassed my expectations!

The base is nice and heavy and I don’t have to worry about the top falling over. This lamp is on sale right now and I love that Versanora offers such quality home decor at an affordable price point. Versanora is a brand of Teamson, a family of brands that offers furniture for both adults and children, as well as kitchen playsets, doll furniture accessories and so much more.


I still have a ways to go before my office is complete, but I figured this Christmas I needed to incorporate something that I could utilize on a daily basis that would help make it a space where I can be creative! So much of my job is dependent on finding things around me to inspire my content and a few one-of-a-kind pieces from Versanora can really help get me in the right creative mindset!