How to Navigate Minimalist Gift Giving without Offending

Navigate Gift Giving
How to Navigate Minimalist Gift Giving without Offending

Navigating gift giving can be tough. For many people, the act of giving gifts is a way to show appreciation and love around the holiday season. Approaching your friends and family about your new minimalistic lifestyle can be rooted in a lot of emotion. So, we have some ideas on how to communicate what you’re looking for, and a downloadable wish list – which might actually inspire your friends and family to be minimal this season too!

Minimalist-Wish List Download

  1. Lead with happiness. If the idea of telling your mom that no, you actually don’t want a new scarf every year for Christmas stresses you out, don’t worry! It’s all about how you approach the topic. Instead of telling your friends and family in a way that makes them feel like you don’t appreciate their previous gifts, lead with happiness. By that we mean, tell them about your new minimalistic lifestyle and what makes you happy. Give them some ideas (hint, hint this is where the wish list comes in handy) on things that you would actually love and adore. When you lead with happiness they will be more likely to accept your ideas and be thrilled at the thought of bringing you joy.
  2. Ask them to fill out your meaningful wish list too. Hey, you never know, maybe your Grandma too is overwhelmed by her things. Maybe she too would prefer an experience over a scarf. Invite your friends and family on this journey to having less but loving more and they might actually love it.
  3. Finally, get at the heart of the holiday season. What’s it all about, really? Like we said before, the holiday season is really about showing your love and appreciating to those around you. Shift the narrative on the holidays and talk about quality over quantity. When you boil it down, gifts are really just tokens of love.

Well, there you have it! We hope that these tips bring you joy. When you fill out your Minimalwish List make sure you screenshot it and upload to your IG Stories with the #MinimalwishList  – we want to see what matters to you!