How to Host your First Holiday Dinner like a Boss

How to host a holiday dinner that’s personal, mindful, and giving.
How to Host your First Holiday Dinner like a Boss

Are you a first-time holiday host? No worries- it’s easy. Without completely emptying your pockets and throwing away hours of your day, you can give your friends a holiday dinner that they will be talking about all year long! 

Make It Personal

Let each guest know how much you care about them!

When you’re hosting a holiday party, add a personal touch.

With one piece of paper, you can tell someone how excited you are to have them there. 

Follow these simple, quick instructions to learn how to make personalized placemats:

  1. Cut strips of craft or construction paper that will stretch across your table plus an additional 12 inches to extend off the table. These strips should be placemat-wide (about 20 inches). One sheet of paper will serve 2 guests.
  2. Right above where the guests’ plates will be placed, write their names.
  3. In the 12 inches of paper hanging off of the table, write each person a sincere message that thanks them for being there.

Ex: “Dear [NAME], it’s been an awesome year and I’m thankful for the memories and experiences we’ve shared. Remember that time when (insert story here)? That pops into my head all the time! You always have me laughing and feeling thankful for our friendship. Thanks for being here, and cheers to many more great years ahead!

Less Text, More Talk

Encourage your guests to charge up their phones so they can be present without them!

When you’re hosting a holiday party, try to make people be present.

Here’s an insider tip: even though people love to tell you how much your generation is glued to their phones, we all know that’s not true. Your friends want to spend some tech-free time with you! If you create a charging station, your guests can be social without their devices in hand, and they’ll remember how fun and lively your party was!

Find a spot that’s out of sight and has easy access to an outlet. String some charging cables through a faux holiday gift and turn your charging station into a DIY miracle. 

Give Them a Little Keepsake

Grab your instant camera and snap a pic of your BFFs to take home.

When you’re hosting a holiday party, give your guests a memoir.

When you’re hosting a holiday party, give your guests a memoir.

When you’re hosting a holiday party, give your guests a memoir.

Now that your guests are all mingling, with their phones stowed away, wouldn’t this be a great photo op? Hosting a holiday party is about creating memories, and this is an easy way to give a memoir to every one of your guests.
They will love using your instant camera to get that one-shot throwback pic, and it’s something they can take home with them! 


Remember, your guests don’t need glitz and glam. They want a memorable experience with you. Anything that will make them feel appreciated by you will be the best gift you can give them this year. If you can do that, then you already know how to host a holiday dinner better than most people!