Gift Guide for Kids: Ages 2-5

kids gift guide
Gift Guide for Kids: Ages 2-5

Kids these days seem to have it all. We all want to gift that one item that will bring a smile to their face, but the choices are downright overwhelming! We’ve put together a fun list to help inspire you to find the perfect gift. We love crafting a list that breaks down ideas into; Something They Want, Something They Need, Something to Wear and Something to Read.

To build your own list download our guide here.

Ages 2-5

Something They want: Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are great for both boys and girls. Kids love to emulate what their parents are doing and play kitchens allow them to use their imagination in a fun and playful way. We love how these kitchens from Teamson Kids offer modern designs ( we’re jealous!) and are made of solid wood. 

Play Kitchen

Something They Need: Table & Chairs

This might be more for you than for your kids, but this activity table makes the perfect space for easy to use (and easy to clean) arts and crafts. Store all of your art supplies in the drawers and put a paper roll at the end for fast use! 

Play Table

Something to Wear: My Mocs

Good (and cute) shoes are hard to find, but My Mocs from Jack and Lily come in adorable patterns and fabric and offer super solid rubber bottoms so your little ones can be sturdy on their feet. 


Something to Read: The Snowy Day 

We love this classic book as an addition to your kid’s book collection. Keep it out all year or make it a special holiday season book and pack it away until November hits every year. 

The Snowy Day

What will you be gifting this year?